Trains and Toy Soldiers – the best place to find trains by Hartland Locomotive Works for Christmas

Trains and Toy Soldiers is the best place to get your trains by Hartland Locomotive Works in time for Christmas.

The fact is, this is the busiest shopping time of the year.  A lot of people are searching for trains and that perfect train set for a special person.  You wouldn’t believe how many ladies are looking for a special piece from Hartland Locomotive Works for their hubby at this time of year!  Yes, while toy model trains were once considered the realm of boys as they learned how to be men, many grownups are now avid fans.

But where are you going to find a Hartland Locomotive Works Mining Engine in G Gauge at this time of the year?  Trains and Toy Soldiers, of course. Their selection is fantastic. In fact, they have a very large stock of Hartland Locomotive Works inventory in stock, but when I was talking to them the other day, they said everything is flying off the shelves, so today is a good day to place your order.

Hartland Locomotive Works, famous for their G Gauge productions, make everything you can imagine for your durable indoor and outdoor train aficionado’s garden railway layout.  Every piece made by Hartland Locomotive Works is created from the most durable products, meaning it can weather the weather, whether it is the bright, hot sunshine of the long summer days in Florida, or the snows of a Wyoming winter.  Rain, mist, snow, sun… Hartland Locomotive Works builds train sets to withstand anything the American climate can throw at them!

Right now, Trains and Toy Soldiers is offering a huge variety of Hartland Locomotive Works cars and engines, like the impressive and popular Hartland Locomotive Works Big John Steam Engine.  They also carry everything you could ever ask for in track, switches, controllers, scenery, greenery, villages and more.  It’s getting close to Christmas.  They ship out the next day, but you better watch out!  You will be pouting if you miss out by a day on the perfect Hartland Locomotive Works train set.

The selection of Hartland Locomotive Works cars and engines really is huge at Trains and Toy Soldiers.  That’s probably why they’re moving so much stock.  People in the model train world know that the little model train and toy store in Nebraska has become the place to go to find the best selection.  Browse their clean and easily navigated website.  You could spend a lot of time browsing, but find that Hartland Locomotive Works set and place your order before someone else does.

Here’s a little hint for shopping on the website:   Near the bottom of every page, you can tick the little compare box under each item as you browse a page, then hit the Compare Selected button at the bottom and see all the items you’re interested in at once.  I don’t know about you, but that really helps me make up my mind!

If you know exactly what Hartland Locomotive Works piece you’re looking for, there’s no need to search every page to find it.  Just type in a couple of descriptive words or the name of the piece if you know it in the handy search box at the top of any page.  That will pull up all the relevant results in a second.

If you have been looking for a vintage or out of production Hartland Locomotive Works item, Trains and Toy Soldiers is staffed by big model train enthusiasts who love to help other hobbyists.  Unlike so many places in this increasingly impersonal world, when you call Trains and Toy Soldiers at 1-800-786 1888, someone will talk to you.  A real person will answer the phone!  You will enjoy talking to people who are experts in their field and dedicated to customer satisfaction.

Furthermore, they will go the extra mile to answer all your questions and find that hard to find Hartland Locomotive Works model you have to have by December 24th.  If something is available anywhere in their network, even if it’s in another location, they will find it for you!

With competitive pricing and free shipping to anywhere in the contiguous United States on orders over $75, Trains and Toy Soldiers is the best place to get your Hartland Locomotive Works train sets for Christmas!


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