Create unique garden decorations with garden gauge model railroading

While most people consider ponds, waterfalls, and statues as garden decorations, there are some that would prefer creating a miniature railroad in their gardens. If you were always passionate about toy locomotives, trains, and everything else connected to miniature model railroading. Perhaps it is time to enjoy your own railroad layout in your garden. Trains and Toy Soldiers online shop provides a wide range of garden gauge trains and accessories, manufactured by Hartland Locomotive Works. With such a hobby, you will definitely impress your guests when they check out your garden, noticing with surprise that a miniature functional railroad, together with the proper décor as well, is set outside.

Creating railroading layouts in the garden can be a great way to relax and enjoy a pleasant activity after a hard day at work or on the weekend, the effect triggered by a finished layout will be pure amazement. Allow your imagination to run free and construct small towns and railroad systems around the garden, for your pleasure and amusement of your entire family. Determined to provide only the highest quality products, Trains and Toy Soldiers decided to collaborate with Hartland Locomotive Works, due to the fact that their model railroad items are of outstanding quality while having accessible prices. Of course, you don’t have to place these miniature trains and locomotives in the garden, if you don’t want it, these particular items being more than suitable for any passionate miniature railroad collector, both young and old.

The products made by Hartland Locomotive Words are made in the USA from start and until the end. Their production begins with their design, which takes place in the US and continues with the manufacturing of the pieces, their assembling, and packaging, every step of the way being made in the US. So you can be sure that you will purchase only items of the highest quality. Quality can also be found in the DC electric motors that power the Hartland locomotives, which are resilient and capable of functioning without a problem for years. The cars and bodies of the locomotives are made through injection of UV-stabilized ABS plastic into special molds, which makes them extremely suitable for being used in the outdoors.

Just like Trains and Toy Soldiers, Hartland Locomotive Works is a family-owned and run business, dedicated to using only the best and finest materials, while keeping prices low, so they can offer affordable locomotives, freight cars, rolling stock, coaches, and cabooses to collectors and enthusiasts. If you decide to purchase items from this stunning collection, you will notice that some of them contain brass in places where other manufacturers use plastic, a choice made again from the desire to allow clients to enjoy their miniature trains as much as possible. Without any doubt, you will be able to pass on your garden gauge trains collection to your grandchildren.