Spring: The Prefect Time to Work on Your Garden Gauge Trains

Here in the Great Plains glorious spring is upon us, after a long winter of barren trees, it is great to get out into the yard and start enjoying nature. Many fellow model train enthusiasts find their favorite way to enjoy the spring is Garden Railroading. Garden Railroads have been growing in popularity for years and more and more people are combining their love of gardening with their love of model trains.

Another great aspect of Garden Railroading or G Gauge railroading is the vast space it allows for you to express your creativity. Many of our customers have created amazing G gauge layouts, which range all across their backyards. Other model train enthusiasts have created smaller layouts limited to their flower garden or patio area.

The internet allows these Garden Gauge Railroad lovers to share their creations with the world. There are many great videos available showing the creations of other G Gauge model railroaders. These videos are a wonderful way to relax or gain inspiration. People across the country and across the world share tips and advice with each other on YouTube as well. This has created an organic community of people collaborating to create even more dynamic G Gauge layouts. I want to share one of my favorite G Gauge videos with you:

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